Fun schools you in videogames.


Use humor to educate gamers on the revolutionary new features of Watch Dogs Legion.


We created longform content that left notoriously critical gamers begging for more. And then we delivered—in the form of a TV spot.

We brought in our friend, Jon Glaser and a few rising stars to create an unexpected yet hilariously entertaining film for our gaming audience. The longform video received 97% positive reactions from gamers, which is unheard of with the typical sardonic, trolling gamer audience.

Our pre-roll ad progression took a creative approach that unnerved gamers (in the best way) and successfully brought them to our films.

Then we took a fan favorite in-game grandma and made her the star of a new TV spot. Because when any character is playable, anything goes.


Pre-roll Ads

Social Response

Video - Second Episode