Fun removes the stigma from cash advances.


Launch the Dave brand by reframing the idea of a cash advance.


Dave had it’s biggest quarter ever with record new users, record number of cash advances, and double digit increase in brand awareness.

Dave can lend you up to $500 instantly with no interest and no credit check. Which is pretty amazing. But after years of predatory practices from banks and payday lenders, there was a real stigma around cash advances.

So we hosted a workshop with the client’s creative team and real consumers and quickly uncovered that when you get a cash advance from Dave, it’s like accessing the money you WILL have on payday. It’s basically your money—from the future.

And with just five weeks from workshop to pre-pro, we partnered with Tim & Eric to shoot 3 spots, a couple TikToks, and a digital toolkit for Dave’s internal creative team to use across all their marketing collateral.

This allowed Funworks and the Dave creative team to work in parallel towards an aggressive launch date. And they had their biggest quarter ever. Isn’t time travel grand?