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The founders of Funworks have over 20 years experience developing world-class creative. Now we’re developing a new world-class creative process, with the help of some super smart people.

Our Team

Paul Charney
CEO & Founder

Paul has worked in advertising and sketch comedy for over 20 years. It is his belief that if you have a good time while you work…you’ll do better work. He has applied this approach to the many brands and teams he’s led.

Craig Mangan
Chief Creative Officer & Co-founder

After 25 years, Craig’s work has won Cannes Lions, One Show pencils, Print Campaign of the Decade by Adweek, been mimicked by SNL and Time Magazine and is on permanent display at the Smithsonian. Before that, he was fired as a parking lot attendant.

Kenny White
Chief Creativity Architect & Co-founder

Kenny has over 15 years experience helping brands like Netflix, HP, Starbucks, and ESPN. In that time he noticed how the business process can stifle the creative progress. Now he uses the science of fun to help teams unlock their creative potential.

Erica Fortescue
Head of Funworks Co-Lab

Erica blends fun with the science of creativity to design our Funworkshops. She also uses her expertise to train companies like Google, Disney, ESPN, and AdAge to become even more innovative.

Alison Michael
Director of Business Development

Alison has been with Funworks since the very beginning. She’s played many roles at the agency – designer, strategist, account person, live comedy show producer and expert juggler. She’s now dedicated to growing the business. When she’s not in the office, she’s podcasting and parenting.

Jodi Naglie
Account Manager

Resident Hollywood transplant, Jodi spent several years in entertainment representing youth talent in television and film, particularly focusing on the growing opportunities in digital and social spaces. Jodi brings a passion for collaboration and creativity to the Funworks team and is fueled mainly by avocados and podcasts.

Ray Hobbs
Senior Copywriter

Ray Hobbs is a copywriter at Funworks by day, and a seasoned comedian and writer by night. He’s done brand work for great companies like Uber, Facebook, and ESPN, and he’s performed at comedy festivals around the country.

Tina Weber
Chief Financial Officer

Tina is our numbers person and is a self-proclaimed “data nerd”. She has worked in the ad and entertainment industries her entire career. Tina appreciates good food and loves to spend time in her kitchen making meals for friends and family.

Quentin Shuldiner
Creative Director

As a writer by trade, Quentin has countless words at his disposal. And the judgment to know how to use as few as possible to communicate the idea. 20 years. Great agencies. Iconic brands. Awards. Cute daughter. No pets.

Angela Phan
Senior Accountant

Angela is our Senior Bean-Counter here at Funworks (Sr. Accountant). As our Sr. Bean-Counter, Angela counts all kinds of beans. Lima beans. Kidney beans. Garbanzo beans. But not Pinto. Anything but Pinto beans.

Devin McNulty
Creative Strategist

Devin is obsessed with unlocking group creativity. To solve hard problems. To get everyone excited and on the same page. To find that one idea that changes everything. He’s done it for companies like ESPN, Ubisoft and Google—and he feels he’s just scratching the surface of what’s possible.

Madie Eidam
Administrative Assistant

Madie is a jack of all trades around the office. She loves fostering the Funworks culture and tries to bring peace of mind to the team. A recent graduate of the University of Oregon, Madie worked for the student magazine, Green Eugene. Always learning, she has found that all really good storytelling requires passion and some creative strategizing.

Corinne Santoro
Assistant Account Manager

After the loss of her first love, roller derby, Corinne has become a dabbler: park skating, painting, woodworking, mountain biking, sketch comedy–she’s not the best at any of it, but loves to do it all. Her greatest skill is her ability to get 9 hours of sleep every night. Perhaps most importantly, she genuinely loves her job.

Claire Crozier
Senior Account Director

As Funworks’ resident Brit, Claire is a right sort. Skilled at managing complex and diverse projects, she’ll leave you and your team bloody gobsmacked. She may not be part of the Royal Family but she’s the Lady of Funworks, and that’s all that really matters. CHEERS THEN.

Kevin Turner
Senior Copywriter

As an ad creative, Kevin has sent a bottle of whiskey into space, built a candy-powered robot, and put a two-foot-long cuttlefish on the corner of Powell & Geary. As a dad, he’s read Goodnight Moon infinity times and gone to the gym twice.

Nicole Dongara
Account Director

Everyone says her last name differently, including in her own family. Speaking of roots, she’s an East Coaster who’s lived in 3 different countries but never had a driver’s license, so she’s pretty good at making shit happen, which also happens to be her job at Funworks.

Tanny Tan
Senior Art Director

Hashtag: art director, fresh off the boat, nsfw meeting doodles, cat(s), indoorsy, “good with words”.

Ben Evangelista

After years of turmoil and scandal in the tabloids, he’s finally found solid ground in Oakland, California at Funworks. Ben lives in the City and loves his newly found counter-commute to Oakland. If he’s not answering his email or cellphone, he’s at the closest Señor Sisig truck.


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