Credit Karma

Fun beats the skip button and stops the scroll.


Launch Credit Karma’s new debit card with an amazing feature no one has ever heard of: Instant Karma.


A 360 campaign that showed up differently on every channel driven by the brand’s highest performing TV spots, plus Skip-stopping preroll, TikTok partnerships and paid social.

When you pay with Credit Karma Money, you could win Instant Karma. Which means Credit Karma will reimburse you for your entire purchase right there on the spot. So we tapped into the human truth that when you get something for free, it becomes the best thing ever.

Then we worked with partners at YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram to come up with unexpected ways to bring that to life based on the distinct user behavior of each channel.

On YouTube, that meant beating the dreaded skip button and on Instagram, it meant stopping the scroll. We shot and produced 20 different assets in just two and a half months and Credit Karma Money had their biggest launch to date.