Fun puts an end to crappy gift giving.


Raise awareness for the ability to shop on Pinterest, by positioning Pinterest as the best place to find meaningful gifts.


One of Pinterest's best performing brand campaigns ever, all because of a funny, relatable heart.

The good news is Pinterest was the #1 platform for inspiration. Bad news: no one knew you could shop there, even as they were making huge investments into the e-commerce side of the platform. But we didn’t just need to drive awareness that people could shop on Pinterest—we needed to create a whitespace for why people would shop there instead of doing the easy thing and just heading to Amazon.

In our workshop, we discovered pretty quickly that Amazon set you up for impersonal, check-the-box gifting, whereas with Pinterest, it was really easy to quickly find something people would truly love. We leveraged this insight, some hilarious first-person stories about horrible gifts, and crafted a seasonal campaign that showed off the shopping functionality via gift giving.

And the performance was through the roof. ‘Gift Like You Get Them’ was one of Pinterest’s highest testing campaigns, ever.