Tip №6: What’s On Your Crest?

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Hello again. We’re your friends at Funworks back with another tip on virtual collaboration. A delightful byproduct of being a marketing company with a highly collaborative process is watching our partners laugh and smile and learn more about each other while they’re also working through tough business and brand challenges.

How are you bringing your team together to have fun when you can’t be in the same physical space? Where are the spontaneous moments to connect over a shared love of Carly Rae Jepsen?

This week we have an exercise that can be used in a multitude of ways, and helps teams come together to rally around what makes them stand out.

Tip №6: Design a House Crest.

Assign people to work together to design a house crest that is the embodiment of their team. Another spin is asking the team to create a house crest for your brand or company.

Ask questions that inspire the team:

What imagery defines the house?
How do the visuals work together to tell the team story?
What are your team’s power colors?
What’s the house motto?

Make a space for sharing the work.

We’ve designed a simple template that can be used in the collaborative workspace of your choice. We really like Google Docs or Mural for virtually sharing a handout. Here’s a link to a template doc that you can use with your team.

The whole Internet is at your disposal. Use it.

Encourage teams to pull images from the web, or draw stick figures and change type settings — to take full advantage of the technology at their fingertips and the whole space allotted. Keep it open to whatever they need to do to express themselves and bring the team’s vision for the crest to life.

Breaking out.

This exercise works well when you have a small group of people, 3–5. We recommend making sure you take time to let everyone contribute in their own way and breaking into smaller groups is really helpful for that dynamic. We mentioned the magic of Zoom breakout rooms a few tips ago.

Share with the larger team.

Cheering, clapping and snapping goes a long way in our new world and on Zoom. When teams share their house crests, make sure everyone takes a moment to celebrate the hard work they put into it.

If you’d like us to help facilitate your next virtual offsite or team building session, please get in touch: [email protected]