Tip №4: A Six Word Memoir

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Hey there, Funworks is back with another tip to hopefully help you and your team work more efficiently and connect more deeply in the virtual world. We’re a marketing company that specializes in creative collaboration. In our current circumstances, we’ve realized that now is the time to connect and collaborate in new ways. You can see our previous tips here.

This week, we thought we’d introduce another tool we use to help get the creative and collaborative juices flowing called Six Word Memoir.

How it works:

Whether you’re in a meeting with partners or just doing an internal check-in, this exercise can be helpful in getting to the bottom of whatever needs to be discussed.

Ask your teammates to choose six words to convey their perspective — whether that be asking them how they’re doing during this time, brainstorming the essence of a project, or breaking down a challenge your team is facing — a six word memoir can be a fun way to take a moment, step back and evaluate what’s in front of you. It can encapsulate and crystallize the solution or at the very least, spark a new line of thinking.

We’ll leave you with our very own: Frustration sparks innovation, fun fosters it.