Tip №3: Breaking into Small Groups — Virtually

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Hello! Your friends from Funworks here again to share our favorite tips in creative collaboration, modified for the remote-working world.

Our first two tips featured ways to help your team work more collaboratively while not in the same space. But how can video software help?

We’ve all been stuck in a virtual meeting with too many participants. The group is supposed to discuss something important, but we end up only hearing from a few voices. You need to break into smaller groups to hear from everyone. That’s where Zoom Breakout Rooms come in.

How do Zoom Breakout Rooms work?

Everyone starts in the main room. Give everyone an assignment or a question to answer, then break the larger group into rooms of 2–3 people each. After a set period of time, bring everyone back to the main room to share their ideas or answers with the larger group.

What are some cool features of Breakout Rooms?

  • You can assign people at random or purposefully.
  • Moderators can jump between rooms.
  • Timers can bring everyone back to the main room at the same time.
  • You can broadcast messages across the screen of each breakout room (i.e. remember to write it down!).
  • If participants have a question, they can hit the “help” button to get your attention.

We don’t have a relationship with Zoom — we’ve just been testing a ton of video software, and found their features to be really helpful. Wanna see the full Breakout Room instructions from Zoom? Here they are