Our Work

Here is a look at some work from our first year at Funworks and some from our 20 years before then.

Pandora - That's My S*#%!

Thumbprint Radio is a brand new feature from Pandora. It's a unique station built on all of the songs users have thumbed. A station where every song that plays is a favorite. We developed this multi-touch campaign to generate buzz around the new feature, leveraging that visceral moment when a favorite song comes on the radio, the 'That's My S*#%!' moment.

NBA - There Can Only Be One

In the mid to late 2000’s, the NBA was losing popularity and viewers fast. Players were fighting, refs were caught gambling, and ratings were down 27%. We had to figure out how to make fans like the individual players again and in the process we created one of the NBA’s most lauded campaigns of all time.

HP - Hands

Consumers were starting to look at PCs as a commodity, so we had to find a way to make the computer personal again.  In this spot, we worked with Jerry Seinfeld to show all the things he uses his PC for.

HP - Circle of Trust

HP has a line-up of amazing PCs, but millions of people were afraid to upgrade their hardware because of the horror stories surrounding WINDOWS 8. With the launch of WINDOWS 10, we wanted to show it was finally safe for people to upgrade their PC. To reach HP’s key millennial target we partnered with the media company Collectively to find social media influencers to star in the videos and share the work directly to their loyal fan base.

Comcast - Elegant Frame

Comcast wanted to get people excited about it's new line-up of 3D channels, so we created a spot as visually stunning as 3D.